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Project Progress – Water Filling Robot

As the week progressing, we have already think about about robot design which will be present at the end of semester. After a lot of suggestion and consideration, we finally come out with the first draft of our robot. As it function is to filling the bucket with water and close the water pipe when the owner busy doing other work, this robot is named Water Filling Robot.

The improvement of our robot is still in progress. However from what we have done this week, it seems like it still need some modification on it body frame and design. We have take some pictures for you to see:










Still, our robot also need more improvement on sensor and motor position. Thanks for viewing our blog. Any comment will be appreciate. For this week report, please see below:


DATE: 25th February 2009

TIME: 0800 – 1330

TOPIC: Robotics Project Progress


The aim of this project is to start designing the robot for the assessment 2 requirements.


By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1. Design a robot for their group project.


1.  (9797) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Base Set

2.  (2000080) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software v2.0


1.  In this week, we have decided to make the Water Filling Robot which the robot can fill the water in the bucket.

2.  After doing some sketching for the robot and being approved by our lecturer, we are started to design the robot.

3.  In this week, we just manage to design the robot while the programming still in progress.


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