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Last Day Before Robot Presentation

For the final day before presentation, we have completed almost 95% of robot progress. Actually the robot progress already finish a few days before. However due to some problem happen to our water pipe and motor, we have to change the design as fast as we can. Below is our tools that will be use in our group presentation:


This bucket with water pipe is actually replacing the real water pipe. We decided to bought this bucket because two reasons. First, there is no real water pipe in the presentation room and second, using this pipe we can easily control the water flow and avoid water from overflow.


This is the rubber pipe that connect from pipe of bucket to the robot. This rubber pipe will flow the water from bucket to robot and next to the small bucket.


This is small bucket that wrap with red paper. The original color for this small bucket is actually blue. We have to wrap it with red paper because the light sensor on our robot will detect red colour first before stop moving. This small bucket function is collecting the water that flow from main bucket.

Since we have already updated the final progress of our robot in the previous post, so there is no more progress we can show for now. But for the next post we will upload the video of our robot. Thank you for viewing our blog. Any comment will be welcome to improve this site. Our report for this final week will be put below:


DATE: 11 March 2009

TIME: 0800 – 1330

TOPIC: Robot Finalizing


The aim of this week is to finalize the design and make sure no more problem will occur.


By the end of the lesson, our group should be able to:

1. Finish the design of the robot.

2.  Make sure no more problem will occur during and after presentation.

3. Finish with any modification on the robot and other equipment.


1.  (9797) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Base Set

2.  (2000080) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software v2.0

3.  Bucket with pipe

4.  Small bucket

5.  Rubber pipe


1.  In this week, our group manages to finish designing the robot.

2.  We managed to finish the modification on the robot and other equipment.

3.  The programming have been improve since the last time we find small problem occur.


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