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4th February – Hit the Ball

In this week, each group have been given a task of Hit the Ball. The aim of this task is to create a robot that can hit a ball using light sensor. So the first thing we do is planning how to create the robot. This stage is quite easy after we have done it several times in previous task. Next, we put the light sensor on the suitable place. We have decided to put it in lower front of the robot since the ball is not very big. We also have chosen a red ball instead of blue.

Then after the several trial of programming, we finally manage to completed the task. As usual, for the report you can see below:


DATE: 4th February 2009

TIME: 0800 – 1330

TOPIC: Hit the Ball


The aim of this project is to design a robot that can hit the red ball using light sensor.


By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1.  Demonstrate the robot which can hit the red ball.

2.  Programming the robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software.


1.  (9797) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Base Set

2.  (2000080) LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software v2.0

3.  Light sensor.

4.  Red and blue ball.


1.  Design a robot using your own group creativity.

2.  Fix the components according to the design which had been thinking.

3.  Use the light sensor and put it at the suitable places at the robot.

4.  Setup the programming using MINDSTORMS Software.

5.  Download the program to the Intelligent NXT Brick.

6.  Test the robot to see whether it can function well or not.

7.  If it does not function well, modify the program again until it meets to the objectives given by the lecturer.

8.  Present the robot to the lecturer and other classmates.


The robot managed to hit the red ball. If we put the blue ball, the robot will not hit it. the light sensor is use to detect the red ball.


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